[weɪ] noun [C] I
1) a method for doing something
There are so many delicious ways you can prepare chicken.[/ex]
Is there any way of contacting you while you're in Africa?[/ex]
The students are learning new ways to communicate in writing.[/ex]
easy I,
hard I
2) the manner or style in which something happens or is done
I love to watch the way she plays with the children.[/ex]
That's no way to talk to your mother.[/ex]
3) the particular road, path, or track that you use in order to go from one place to another
I don't think this is the right way.[/ex]
The tourists lost their way (= became lost) and had to ask for directions.[/ex]
Is this the way to the Eiffel Tower?[/ex]
Does Tim know the way to your house from here?[/ex]
Could you please show me the way to the bus station?[/ex]
Don't bother picking me up. It's really out of your way (= far from the road you use).[/ex]
lead I
4) the direction or position where something is, or the direction in which something is standing or moving
The bathroom is this way.[/ex]
The car was going the wrong way.[/ex]
5) the distance from one place to another
The nearest shop is quite a long way from here.[/ex]
The children were arguing all the way home.[/ex]
6) a distance in time from one event to another
The Christmas holidays were still a long way off.[/ex]
7) a particular aspect of something
The evening was a great success, in more ways than one.[/ex]
In a way, I agree with you.[/ex]
be on the/its way — to be about to arrive or happen[/ex]
Economists fear a recession is on the way.[/ex]
by the way — used for introducing a new or extra fact or comment into a conversation[/ex]
By the way, I'll be late home tonight.[/ex]
by the wayspoken used for adding a remark that is not relevant to the main subject of your conversation[/ex]
By the way, Jeff called this afternoon.[/ex]
get/have your (own) way — to be allowed to do what you want, although other people want something different[/ex]
get in the way of sth — to prevent something from happening[/ex]
The new rules are just getting in the way of progress.[/ex]
get sth out of the way — to finish doing something that is difficult or unpleasant[/ex]
I want to get this out of the way before the weekend.[/ex]
give way — 1) if something gives way, it breaks because there is too much weight or pressure on it; 2) to agree to something that someone else wants instead of what you want[/ex]
We will not give way to terrorism.[/ex]

— 3) Britishto allow another vehicle to go before you when you are driving

Drivers must give way to cyclists.[/ex]

— 4) give way to sth to be replaced by something, especially something newer or better

Over the next few years, the city's buses will give way to a new light rail system.[/ex]
go out of your way to do sth — to make an extra effort to do something, even though it is not convenient or easy to do[/ex]
have come a long way — to have made a lot of progress or improvement[/ex]
have come a long way — to have achieved a lot of things and made progress[/ex]
Technology has come a long way since the days of telegrams.[/ex]
have a long way to go — to need a lot more progress or improvement[/ex]
have a long way to go — to need to do a lot more before you are successful[/ex]
We've raised £100 so far, but we still have a long way to go.[/ex]
in a big wayinformal a lot[/ex]
Investors were buying Internet stocks in a big way.[/ex]
know your way around (sth) — to be very familiar with a particular place or activity[/ex]
make way — to move in order to allow someone to go forward or get past[/ex]
The crowd made way as police officers entered the building.[/ex]
make way for sth — to provide space for something new by removing what was there before[/ex]
They plan to demolish the houses to make way for a petrol station.[/ex]
no wayspoken 1) used for saying that something will definitely not happen[/ex]
'Are you inviting Phil to your party?' 'No way!'[/ex]

— 2) used for expressing surprise, or for telling someone that you do not believe them

She said that to you? No way![/ex]
one way or another — used for saying that something will definitely happen, even though you do not know how it will happen[/ex]
One way or another, I'm going to go to Europe.[/ex]
way of life — the way people normally live in a place, or the things that they normally do or experience[/ex]
Fishing has been a way of life here for centuries.[/ex]
People see this as a threat to their way of life.[/ex]
you can't have it both ways — used for saying that someone cannot have all the benefits from two possible situations[/ex]
What's more important, your family or your job? You can't have it both ways.[/ex]
find I
Other words meaning waymeans a way that makes it possible to do something ■ method a way of doing something that involves following a detailed plan ■ procedure a way of doing something that involves doing specific activities in a particular order ■ strategy a way of achieving an aim that involves detailed planning ■ system a way of doing something that involves following an organized set of rules ■ technique a way of doing something that involves using particular skills II
informal way [weɪ]
by a large amount or distance
Michael was way ahead of the other runners.[/ex]
way backinformal a long time ago in the past[/ex]
I graduated way back in 1982.[/ex]

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